Pain Elimination

We all know that pain is unpleasant but it is your body's warning message to tell you that something is happening that it does not like.

Pain can be a good thing and is required to survive. If you break your leg then the discomfort will stop you putting weight on it and avoid further injury.

Once we have done something about the message (allowed the injury to heal for example), do we need the message to still be there as a constant reminder of an injury or wound we used to have? The answer is we don't, nevertheless, people needlessly suffer and that is where OldPain2Go comes in.

OldPain2Go is a quick, effective, trance free method where I will work with your unconscious mind to remove these old, no longer required messages. I will leave you pain free (or in some rare circumstances reduce the pain to a manageable level) and it works on emotional pain as well as physical pain.

Sessions last, on average 10-20 minutes but can be longer or shorter depending on the client - I charge per session so if you need more time, that is OK. You generally only need one session.

I can, if required, work in person, over Skype, over Facetime or the telephone.