"You will control me"

The way hypnosis works is that a hypnotist guides a person into a trance like state which turns off the critical thinking part of the mind.

Whereas the mind's filter is being bypassed, you can still refuse to do anything that you do not want to do. I can only turn off inhibitions, I cannot turn off morality.

"I might not wake up"

This is not true. Hypnosis is a natural state that happens every day without you even realising and you come out of that just fine.

Never, in the thousands of years that people have been hypnotised has a person failed to wake up. The very worst thing that may happen is that you may doze off but you will wake up later.

Furthermore, I always give the suggestion to my subjects that if there is any unforeseeable danger, such as a fire, to end the hypnotic trance straight away.

"Only weak-minded people can be hypnotized"

Nearly everyone can be put into hypnosis, the exception being those with certain mental illnesses.

Hypnosis is actually easier on those who have creative imaginations and can concentrate well.

"You have Jedi like powers"

I wish!

This is a common misconception based on Hollywood films that hypnotists have special powers - they don't. Hypnotists have an understanding of the human psyche.

With training and learning, most people could induce hypnotic trances in another person (assuming they had permission) - the real skill is using that trance for positive outcomes.

"You cannot lie when in hypnosis"

You can and can probably do it better than normal.

I can, and have, made people believe that their name was something else during hypnosis or believe something that is clearly not true.

You have to have your eyes closed

Hypnosis is NOT a state of eyelids so having eyes open or closed is not relevant.

Traditionally, hypnotherapists and hypnotists will have a subject close thier eyes to shut down optic nerves accounting for about an eighth of conscious awareness. This can aid in a hypnotic induction to a trance like state but is not really needed.

Hypnosis can be achieved without closing your eyes and this adds to a safety aspect of stage / impromptu shows - you can remain standing and move around while still knowing where you are in relation to hazards (steps etc.).