What I can help with

  • Phobias
  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Lack of confidence
  • Grief
  • Removing bad habits
  • Stopping smoking

...And much more. There are so many uses for hypnotherapy, I could not possibly list them all. If you wish to know if I can help them get in touch.

Hypnotherapy is not only for those with 'problems'. Entering a hypnotic state is one of the most relaxing and blissful feelings imaginable. Sometimes it is nice to be taken to this wonderful place just for the experience.

Trance or no trance?

Yes, I do not have to 'put you under' to get positive results!

You may find this counter intuitive but not all hypnosis requires a trance like state. As long as I can talk to the part of the mind which will do the changes for you, how I bypass the critical thinking part is not important.

Much of my work in this area is done trance-free, nevertheless inducing a hypnotic trance is something that I am proficient in. If it is required, or you simply like the feeling, I will put you into a wonderful and relaxing trace.

Content free

For us to react in a certain way, there is always a reason. Sometimes the reason can be easy to ascertain - perhaps you were bitten by a dog and now you fear them but things are not always so simple and we may not know the event(s) that caused our reaction.

Regardless whether you know the cause or not (or even if you cannot tell me for any reason), I CAN help you. Some of the techniques I use are content free and so you do not have to tell me what your issue is for it to be removed.