What clients say

Lewis, stop smoking

“Hello everyone. My name is Lewis. I have been a heavy smoker for the past 15 years and decided, through recommendation from a friend, to try hypnotherapy to help improve my health and bank account.

Mr Latimer met me and took me through the process which put me in a state of relaxation. He went through what would happen and what we would expect to achieve. The session itself lasted roughly 25 minutes. The experience was wonderful. not only do I find my cravings for a cigarette dramatically reduced, i felt like a million pounds after the hypnosis. The entire experience was new to me, being a first time patient but i would definitely recommend it to anyone as it is an experience worth having. 

I would definitely recommend Glen to my friends as he was professional and friendly and really made me feel good and confident about kicking the filthy habit for good.”

**Client wishes to remain anonymous**, anxiety relief

 I have had 2 consultations with Glen as Ive suffered with anxiety along with a few other things  for years but would just like to say what a kind caring person he is. It was over skype and thanks to Glen I can say that what he did with hypnosis has really helped.  I could listen to him all evening. I wish I had known this years ago but better late than never. I hope to see Glen again to help me. Im wrong side of 70 but would recommend anyone suffering Anxiety  etc . Please try hypnosis. It does really work. I just wish it was available at doctors surgerys. Please dont suffer in silence. Hypnosis will help. Thanks Glen.